Thompson Moisture Control will always get the job done in a timely and effective manner. Our goal as a Charleston, SC    mold remediation company is to make corrections necessary to get your house back to providing a safe, healthy environment to live in. Our services help provide a home free from problems associated with high moisture, such as polluted/contaminated indoor air quality, cupping floors, and high energy bills, etc. This will save you kilowatt hours usage and lead to a comfortable, healthy, mold free environment inside your home. Remember, what is going on in your crawlspace dictates what is going on in the living area.

We totally fix the problems associated with high moisture in the crawlspace. Warping floors, high energy bills, wood rot, flourishing mold, etc. We put you in control by installing a hygrometer, “meter “with constant humidity readings from under the house. If you are not getting proper readings we respond immediately to make necessary corrections. After getting the crawlspace cleaned up and under control we then go to the next level. Sanitization of the entire house including HVAC system. As a customer of Thompson Moisture Control, you can rest assured of experiencing the many positive factors of a dry, sanitized house maintained year after year. “Superb” indoor air quality (IAQ) is at the top of the list! Call Allan today! 843-991-0204